This is Why Hand Sanitizer May Only Get More Expensive

There’s so much demand for hand sanitizer that Purell just doubled production, according to Purell’s parent company, GOJO, as noted by Rolling Stone.

In fact, over the last month, the company said it “shipped more hand sanitizer to our retailer partners than any time in our history.”  On top of that, “many retailers are still pricing the products at two or 3x the regular price. Savvy sites are hoping the increase in demand will also lead to an increase in profit, and it seems as though people have resigned themselves to the premium pricing.”

With demand unlikely to die off, Future Market Insights estimates the global hand sanitizer market could be worth $2.8 billion by 2030.  Research and Markets estimates the market could be worth up to $3.65 billion in the next six years.  In addition, according to Fior Markets, the market could be worth up to $2.14 billion.