This is Why Video Game Demand is Soaring

The demand, the excitement, the revenue growth ahead for video gaming has been incredibly impressive, creating a potential $257 billion opportunity by 2025.  “Gaming is one of the largest and fastest-growing forms of entertainment in the world. We expect there to be more than $200 billion of revenue in this industry in 2021,” Kyle Vikstrom, Microsoft’s director of investor relations said, as quoted by CNN.

Even shares of Sony soared in recent weeks after the company raised its fiscal-year operating profit outlook on a surge in video-game demand.  Nintendo saw operating profits triple this year on big demand, too.  However, growth may be far from over.  The sector, which is has thrived during the pandemic, could see further, exceptional demand from the 2020 holiday season, from the release of new gaming consoles, and from further pandemic lockdowns.