Primary Care: The Solution to a Broken Healthcare System

The multi-trillion-dollar U.S. healthcare market is ripe for disruption.  After all, the current system is fragmented, meaning there exists a lack of coordination that often results in an inefficient allocation of resources.

“Fragmentation adversely impacts quality, cost, and outcomes. Eliminating waste from unnecessary, unsafe care is crucial for improving quality and reducing costs-and making the system financially sustainable,” says The American Journal of Managed Care (AJMC).  Making matters far worse, doctors often struggle to coordinate patient care, as compared to other countries.  For example, less than half of U.S. primary care doctors are receiving information from specialists regarding changes to medication or even care plans.

Those are severe issues impacting millions of Americans.  However, primary care companies are helping to change that, creating a cure for the fragmented, unorganized health system millions put up with every day.  In fact, some are providing a broader range of services not traditionally found under one clinic group.  For example, some are able to provide services both physically and virtually at a lower cost to the patient.  In addition, their primary care physician network remains at the center of each clinic’s operations. After all, the management and support of patients begins with the foundation of a family doctor who knows and understands the patients’ needs and health goals.