Net Zero Carbon Plans Fueling Hydrogen Market

The world wants to transition to net zero carbon emissions. It’s part of the reason about 197 countries adopted the Paris Climate Accord.

The shift to net zero carbon emissions is giving hydrogen fuel a major boost, for example.  Supported by the global shift of regulators, investors and consumers toward decarbonization, hydrogen is already receiving unprecedented interest and investments. That’s where Jericho Energy Ventures comes into play – with its Dynamic Combustion Chamber (DCC) boiler solution, which provides zero emissions.

To help, General Motors is moving towards an all-electric, zero emissions future.  In fact, by 2040, GM expects to become carbon neutral in its global products and operations.  DuPont has a goal to reduce greenhouse emissions by 30% including sourcing 60% of electricity from renewable energy, and deliver carbon neutral operations by 2050 the latest.

Walmart has pledged zero emissions by 2040.  “It’s more than just lowering emissions—we have to bend the curve and draw down. So we believe that means eliminating emissions from operations and going beyond that, doing additional projects, to sequester carbon,” said Kathleen McLaughlin, Walmart’s executive vice president and chief sustainability officer, as quoted by Fast Company.  Even Microsoft has said it will be carbon negative by 2030.